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How did "NO MORE PLAYERS" do that? I think it's hacking, after all you can be on the leaderboard multiple times, yet there is no progression between the previous records and their score.

Thanks for pointing it out. Scores removed. A shame.

Here via Thinky Games Club #17. Awesome little game 🤌


If the dev is reading this, preparation says one green point.


Good spot, and thanks for letting me now!

I’m not planning to update the game now, though, so sadly the bug will remain.

haha I actually just noticed this today while playing, and wasn't sure if it was a typo or if it actually gave a different color of point! which could be interesting...

Fun monarch rougelite though, I don't know whether it's possible if I could type in my real name or my nickname after I press "submit". Is it ok if I type my nickname after a round ends? 

24 MF!  I think I can stop now. I hope I can stop now.

how do you beat it?

There is no fixed end - it’s a “see how far you can get” type deal. However… getting higher than 26 points would be a real struggle!

impossible is more adequate

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so the game was made in 7 days so it’s good but also it’s obvious what the 2 best talents are so you just spam until you get them and once you hit 15 if you don’t have the 2 talent combo you can’t continue. Would like for it to be balanced somehow to compensate for this


Which two? Life steal and kill teleport?



amazing work


This plays great!
A simple foundation expanded by all the cool abilities 👏👏

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Found this through Le Slo, very fun and easy-to-grasp take on the broughlike formula. A few different elegant ideas that come together nicely. Nice work! Teleporting to a random space and immediately being killed never fails to make me laugh.


this game was very fun to play and entertaining


Very good concept, simple, effective and interesting to play! In my opinion there is a lot of potential, especially on mobile. Well done!


Fantastic game! All the abilities feel different and you have a nice system for swapping them. I also love that I can play this on my phone!


This is great! Forcing you to swap out abilities is really smart, and it pairs well to the scoring system. Well done.


At first i didn't quite catch that the first ability you get it's "wait a turn", maybe highlight it better at the start of the game because it made my first few runs a little frustrating. After giving a try to the ZZZ ability the game felt way better, nicely done!


Super cool! I love how much gameplay you managed to get from combining simple mechanics.