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Loco Card

Click Play and watch the train chug along! You can also edit your track and build a little town. There is no 'point' to the game, it's just a toy.

If you make a nice town, please share it! I'd love to see other creations.


HyperCard was before my time, and although I love the concept, I'm not totally sure what kinds of decks were out there. For inspiration, I watched a video (by Uri Kusterer) proposing that HyperCard was "everything before everything" (1:25); meaning it was Xcode before Xcode, Scratch before Scratch, the web before the web and more before more. And, closest to my heart, Flash before Flash.

After a look at some of the example stacks, and I was immediately drawn to TrainSet. I continue Uri's motto by proposing that HyperCard was also "Lego Loco before Lego Loco". Lego Loco is an old game I spent far too long playing with my brothers. You create little Lego rail networks, and excitedly notice your town filling up with inhabitants as you do so.

So: Loco Card is inspired by all these things. I hope you enjoy playing with it!

20-Dec-2022 - Added some new pieces. Added a "clear all" button. Added .deck download.

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This is a great concept; very charming!