Square Worlds

In Square Worlds you must optimally place tiles into a 5x5 grid to earn the most points. Each type of tile scores points in a different way, meaning you will need to think carefully about what to place where.

If you enjoy the game, it is also available on mobile where there are two additional game modes available for a single in-app purchase.

Give it a play and let me know what you think!

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
Made withlibGDX
TagsBoard Game, Casual, High Score, libGDX, Short, Singleplayer, tile-placement, Turn-based
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsMouse, Touchscreen
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial

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How does one get the "Sale" achievement?

Cool game!

Thanks for playing! Sale is “Score 50 points with only 1-cost tiles.”

Fascinating systems.

What's the difference between normal totems and golden totems? I haven't found any placement where they score differently.

In a normal 5x5 grid, they don’t score differently. I have had a few questions about this, I certainly made a mistake with the wording!

If you play a lot, you may encounter a situation where they have a lot more potential.

Oh, I see now. Thanks!

From the wording, I was expecting each golden post in the column to be n*n, so 5 distinct golden posts would total 125, which would be interesting but maybe unbalancing, especially in the larger game.

It might not be too much of a spoiler to list the values up to 10, wording it like the description of the normal posts, since by the time a player gets a golden post, they've probably seen enough to guess at the larger game.


Awesome game! Balanced, elegant, good difficulty, and so many things to explore. The 3/2/1/2 gold system is perfect, and I love how the 3 games use similar rules yet feel so different. Now that I've gotten the Platinums, I just need to figure out how to be a Power Gamer.

- Waving Fox

Thank you for saying the nice things!

As yet you’re only the second person to achieve Platinum on the first mode, I offer my congratulations.

You have certainly earned yourself a hint: Zjvyl h jlyahpu ubtily vm wvpuaz pu lclyf jhalnvyf.

Got it!

Deleted post

Very nice! What engine did you use to make this?

I’m glad you like it! I made it with LibGDX.


It's an intersting game that's super polished. Good job. 

Thanks for the kind words : )